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Nice to meet me.

about / über Denkatorium


Max Rosenbaum is philosopher, author and speaker, who founded the Denkatorium as a philosophical practice in 2014.

He has made it his mission to convey philosophy to people simply and with a twinkle in his eye.

His way of thinking creatively and sometimes not taking himself too seriously help him on this path.

He is also addicted to green tea, so much so that British people have told him that he is one of them at heart.

– Current focus –



Philosophie at social media

Chinese philosophy

Other great milestones

Gave a lecture at the 3rd Festival of Philosophy in Hannover about the philosophy of Qi Gong.

Instructor for Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong


Die Reorganisation (The Reorganization (short story))

Scheinwelten (Illusory worlds)

More coming soon…

"My other hats"


I love to take photos worldwide and share my knowledge with others!


I enjoy technology and programming as much as I enjoy teaching.

Content Creator

On YouTube you can discover all sorts of creative, so also from me!


Martial arts and strength training are my thing, but only one of the two can be seen here 😉