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Denkatorium: Philosophieren Schule Rezensionen Blog Beratung

Philosophical podcast info

I was asked to do the philosophical podcast by some of my loyal readers and as time permits, I will try to pick up a topic every now and then.

Philosophical podcast at the Denkatorium

Right now it´s only available in German, but I’ll try to translate in English, that you can also hear it.

This is supposed to be a small alternative (or an addition) to reading my philosophy blog and maybe it will even become more.

At the moment everything is still at the beginning and therefore needs a little more time, but that will surely come,

once I have found my rhythm.

Everyone has started small, but I like the idea and I’m curious how the whole thing will develop.

For ideas and suggestions I am open and you can write to me via contact.

Of course, you can also listen to the first episodes on YouTube right here.

The philosophy podcast is currently available on the following platforms: