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Denkatorium: Philosophieren Schule Rezensionen Blog Beratung

Philosophy Blog

You are interested in philosophy or everyday, current topics, which are philosophically considered and sometimes shorter, sometimes longer treated?

Then you are exactly right on my blog and can start right away!

Here you will find the most diverse topics and reviews related to philosophy.

Most of the topics and sites are available in German, but I’m going to roll out an english version of this site, because you ask for it.

Here you will find the newly created section especially for students.

Since there are more and more ethics and philosophy classes in school, questions arise that can perhaps be dealt with less in class.

Therefore there is now this category in the Denkatorium, so that there not only the school literature, but also beyond that can be dealt with.


You like podcasts and philosophy?

Then you will find what you are looking for here.

The topics of the philosophy blog are transferred into short podcast episodes and provided with further thoughts.

Ideal for the time on the road or for a few quiet minutes at home.

Note: at this time only available in German, but will also be available in English too soon.

Philosophie Podcast - philosophical podcast

How do you actually define to philosophize or what makes philosophy as such?

To explain this there is this section, because everyone who is interested in philosophy can also philosophize.

Just look around and let your mind wander.